The Band

Our tribute band was put together with the sound, energy, and vibe of Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & Englishmen Band.  Organized and assembled by Joe’s friend Leon Russell, the original 42-piece Mad Dogs & Englishmen entourage came together not for the money involved, nor for their permanent careers, but rather for a moment in time based on friendships and the promise of good music.  In a similar fashion, Mick, Bobby, and Scott have put together a relatively small 14-piece band for the same reasons:

A moment in time celebrating long-term friendships, musical relationships, and some great music that has unquestionably influenced each member of the band.

Our group is made up of musicians who performed with some of the most memorable Twin Cities bands over the past four decades.  Bands such as Mick Sterling & The Stud Bros, The Legendary Combo, the TC Jammers, Passage, The Doug Maynard Band, Lamont Cranston, New Primitives, and more are all represented.

From the opening percussion intro to the inclusive finale, this show consistently delivers a fantastic and memorable experience of timeless musical entertainment.  Bringing your dancing shoes is highly recommended.

Click on the names below to see musician bios (eventually).
• Mick Sterling • Bobby Vandell • Scott Sansby • Stan Kipper • Chico Perez
• Billy Franze • Serge Akou • Peter Guertin • Charlie Peterson • Melanie Rosales
• Cate Fierro • David Eiland • Scott Snyder Larry McCabe

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