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Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen Memory Book by Linda Wolf

Linda Wolf Book Cover

I just finished reading Linda Wolf’s new book, Joe Cocker Mad Dogs & Englishmen Memory Book for the second time.  This photo book is a must-have for devoted fans of Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, and the incredible short-lived, one tour band, Mad Dogs & Englishmen.  The pictures are incredible (Linda was one of two official photographers who were part of the original Tour), and she recently reunited with many of her original Tour mates at the Lockin Festival, where the first Mad Dogs & Englishmen Reunion in forty-five years took place in September.  In addition to her fantastic pictures are her memories and insights from being there in 1970, as well as the memories and insights of many of the original members of the Tour who she interviewed last summer and fall.  Below are some of the highlights that spoke to me.  I highly recommend this book.  Scott Sansby


“On March 14, (1970), my friend Sandy Konikoff invited me to go with him to the A&M sound-stage, where rehearsals were starting for what would soon be Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen… On a riser were 25 of the most incredible musicians and singers practicing he song, Space Captain.” p. 4

“The urge to belong is one of the great human impulses, and I wanted to belong.  What was so extraordinary about this Tour is that it was clear everyone belonged—the children, the roadies, the nanny, the girlfriends, the audience—we were all one.” p. 4

“…the infamous Cocker Power jet.  How that plane stayed up in the air with the amount of pot wafting through the cabin, I’ll never know… there was no sitting-in-your-seat-with-the-seat-belt-fastened… It was full on music making and revelry in mid-air until one by one everyone crashed.” p.5

“I’d just turned twenty… I never thought about money or who was paying the bills—of course now I know it was Joe.” p.5

“I can say with all seriousness, the whole experience changed my life.” p.5

“Denny Cordell was one of the great entrepreneurs I’ve know.  In his inimitable style, he quietly orchestrated a feat of magic.” p.16

From an interview with Jim Price:.. “I can’t say I saved his life, but the album we did together kick-started his career again.  It was 1974, and Joe hadn’t done a studio album since 1969.  It was pretty clear that if he didn’t come up with a record soon, A&M would drop him.” p.25

“I feel very sad for Jim Gordon.  His story is tragic.  He knocked Rita out cold one night in the hallway of the hotel. I didn’t know the full story until Rita told it to me recently.” p. 54

“We also know Jim is a murderer.  He’s been in prison since the 1980s, diagnosed with sever psychosis.  He will most likely never get our of prison… He is not a bad man.  He is a very very sick man. Jim went to my high school.  He gave me the camera that got me onto the tour.” p.54

“After the tour, Joe was a wreck.” p.56

“The last time I saw Joe was at the Moore Theater in Seattle, March 6th, 2005… We had not seen each other in thirty-five years, and he cared enough to carry that tape for me in his pocket so he would remember to give it to me.  That is who Joe Cocker is.  That is who Joe Cocker was; a man of heart.  Joe cared about people.  He remembered people.  He loved people.  He was someone who understood the basic human need we all share to feel that we matter.” p.56-57

“I know that the Joe Cocker Mad Dogs and Englishmen Tour was not always easy for Joe.  Or Leon.  I know there were issues after the Tour was over.  There were many rumors—some true, most not…” p.57

Update on the Feelin’ Alright show May 9 at The Parkway Theater




This incredible lineup continues to grow, and with the addition of a fantastic horn section we now have a 14 piece band.  Even better, the advance ticket price has been lowered for the next 2 weeks to only $15, a $10 savings from the “at the door” price of $25.  Buy your tickets online now and save some bucks!

Rumor also has it that there is going to be a fun after party at Pepitos following the show.  More details to follow.

Feeling Alright Tribute 1.6.2