What a night!

The first FEELIN’ ALRIGHT Tribute to Joe Cocker show took place Saturday night (5/9/15) at the Parkway Theater in front of a sold out crowd and a packed house.  From the opening percussion intro of “Fun Time,” to the grand finale, where Mick Sterling invited every musician in the house up on stage to join the band in heartfelt and passionate renditions of “With A Little Help From My Friends” and “The Letter,” the energy and emotion in the theater were palpable.

The band, the audience, and the venue truly came together for a special moment in time and space.  

Line & Marque

Full Band 1

Help Fro Friends Full


A Great Interview with Joe Cocker

Having come out of the Mad Dogs tour with no money never really bothered me. Back then, the feeling was, it was a crime to have money anyway. We were into this trip of stripping off our worldly goods. I remember giving money to various people — $70,000 here, $40,000 there, to people that I had known for years who wanted houses. I said, “If you ever make it back, you can pay it back.” Of course, I never heard from them. But five years later I did hear from the tax people who demanded I come up with all the money I thought I could give away like the Magic Christian.


Source: Joe Cocker – In His Own Words